Whisky Dubh

Whisky Dubh


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These unique Sgian Dubhs are custom made using oak and steel from the whisky casks themselves and come complete with a whisky oak sheath and whisky stave display stand. 

Each 'Whisky Dubh' can be personalised on the handle, the sheath and the display stand with images and text and all three engravings are included in the personalised option price. 

Ideal for a very special gift that will become a favoured family heirloom.

The blades are made from hardened steel and have three notches cut into them to represent the three Oak & Black values, Kindness, Creativity and Sustainability as well as being dimpled to give more of a cask hoop aesthetic.

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Materials Disclaimer: While we aim for high consistency, no Oak & Black product will have the exact same appearance. Wood is a natural and heterogeneous material, and therefore every item will have its very own and unique texture. Slight changes in colour as well as darker and lighter spots are to be expected, which is a part of the material experience and advertised as such.

Each product is inspected carefully before packaging and shipping. The dimensions in the product description are not guaranteed and can sometimes differ by a few millimeters.

Wood is a natural material that responds to changes in humidity and temperature by expanding and contracting. In rare occasions these changes can be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product. Although every care is taken to ensure our products are able to handle temperature and humidity changes, the conditions of each item's surroundings can influence its appearance. Being exposed to high changes in humidity or temperature, the material can experience small movements and cracks as it adjusts – this is not a fault, but a natural occurrence and part of the design intention. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep the product in consistent, stable conditions to minimize these effects.

We also advise you to keep your products away from heat sources such as radiators or ovens, as well as areas with long periods of direct sunlight. Exposure to UV light over long periods can have an effect on the colour of the material.