From branded caps and hats, bottle openers, our own homemade all-natural wood balm to our own all natural emergency fire lighter, 'Sure-Fire'.

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Carved Barrel End Wall Hanger

Carved Barrel End Wall Hanger

These amazing pieces are engraved, painted, and finished to create a stunning look. What will you put on yours? Family emblem,...


Wood balm, wood conditioner, food-safe, food-grade

Food-grade wood balm

Our own handmade food grade wood balm works wonders on chopping boards and other products that require a durable food-safe...


glencairn crystal nosing glass

Glencairn Nosing Glass

These beautifully crafted Glencairn Nosing Glasses are available plain or customised with your own design.  Why not create a unique...


reclaimed rugby hanger

Scotland Rugby Carved Barrel End Wall Hanger

These amazing officially licensed Wall Hangers are carved, painted, and finished to create a stunning look. Made out of a reclaimed Whisky Cask...


Chunky Whisky Oak Coasters

Chunky Whisky Oak Coasters

These gorgeously chunky whisky oak coasters are beautifully tactile as well as practical. Available plain, as our Scotland Range, or...


Personalised Cricket Ball Stand

Personalised Ball Stand

These individual stands can be made to accommodate a variety of balls and are a wonderful way to display and...


Sustainable Oak Award blocks. Various sizes: mini, small, medium and large.

Oak Block Award

Available in four sizes, these Solid Oak Award Blocks are beautiful and sustainable alternatives to metal or plastic cups and...


Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Our wall-mounted bottle openers are perfect for indoors and outdoors. You don't need to worry about losing the caps on...


food-safe mineral oil

Small bottles of mineral oil

Our small bottles of mineral oil are perfect for replenishing your Chunky Chopper or other products that require a food-safe...


branded caps

Branded caps

These 'Flexfit' caps stretch to your head for a perfect fit


Bottle opener

Bottle Opener

Our handheld bottle openers not only work brilliantly, catching the bottle cap with the built-in magnet, but they look great...


Glasgow Warriors Rugby Ball Stand

Glasgow Warriors Rugby Ball Stand

Show off your favourite rugby ball with this stylish and sustainable Glasgow Warriors Rugby Ball Stand! Available fully personalised, you can...