Sustainable Awards for Schools, Universities, Clubs & Businesses

Oak & Black is making its mark in creating beautiful and sustainable awards for schools, clubs and businesses. Trusted by many, we create a variety of oak award blocks and other sustainable award items that can be completely customised and used to recognise people for sports, academics, and for displaying positive values. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the materials we use, as well as our alignment with the sustainability policies of the institutions we work with.

Our sustainable awards have become a popular choice for many schools and clubs, including Loretto School, Merchiston Castle School, George Watson's College, Fettes College, Latymer Upper School, Fettes Prep School, Edinburgh University, Exeter University, Jed-Forest RFC, Melrose RFC, The Watsonian Football Club, and Dundee Monarchs Hockey Club. These institutions trust us to create bespoke, high-quality awards that recognise the achievements of their students, athletes, and members while also aligning with their sustainability policies and positiver practices.

      Two prize winners from Merchiston's Rugby dinner 2023

Scottish U18 Cup Winners, Merchiston Castle School, celebrating their pupils at their Senior Rugby Dinner 2023


We are proud of the relationships we are developing and love seeing how different schools, universities, clubs and businesses use the awards to celebrate, acknowledge and inspire their people. Here are a few examples of this:

- End of season awards

- Weekly/termly awards - big one to hold temporarily and a small one to keep

- Tournament Trophy

- Academic prizes (for pupils to keep)

- Medals for tournaments

- Values awards (to acknowledge those who positively exhibit the institution's values)

            Jed Thistle Challenge Trophy

   Jed Thistle Created this Challenge Trophy 


                    Fettes College use a variety of awards for their sports awards


In addition to our work with individual schools and clubs, we are very proud to have also secured a license deal with Scotland Rugby, Edinburgh Rugby, and Glasgow Warriors. This demonstrates the level of trust that these prestigious organisations have in Oak & Black's ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable awards that align with their values.

Scotland Rugby Ball Stand

Scotland Rugby Ball Stand                                                                                    


By choosing Oak & Black's sustainable awards, schools and clubs are not only recognising the achievements of their people but also role modelling good values. In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, it is essential for organisations to align with these values and demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Oak & Black is leading the way in changing the landscape for schools and clubs when it comes to celebrating their people and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

We offer discounts for educational institutions and sports clubs to make it an even easier choice when it comes to celebrating your people in the most eco-friendly way.

Get in touch and see we can help your school, university, club or business recognise its people with beautiful, hand-made and sustainable awards and gifts that will be treasured forever.

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