Happiness is egg-shaped!

I've been blessed to know my mate Bruce Aitchison for many years. We played rugby against each other, he has coached me, we have coached together, and we have been teaching colleagues. It's fair to say we've shared quite a few great experiences... what we have both always shared is our passion for people and sport, mostly rugby!


Bruce Aitchison, Freddie Main and Anna Nicole from the MNDF

Freddie & Bruce supporting Anna from the MNDF at the Edinburgh Whisky Festival


I remember making HIES Christmas tree decorations for Bruce to give as gifts nearly 10 years ago and we discussed how he had a brand but not a product and that he wasn't too sure where it would take him. A really great lesson for anyone to learn is that sometimes it's best to just do the next good thing and trust that good things will come from it with no expectation.

Bruce has certainly done this and his brand is absolutely smashing it; spreading happiness and positivity through a shared love for rugby, he has brought thousands of people together within his online community.

A weel kent face and also a weel kent voice from his many videos, his announcing gig at Edinburgh Rugby, and his popular podcast "Happiness is..." he is making his mark in the best ways, and his alignment with the Oak & Black values of Kindness, Creativity and Sustainability made it such an easy and obvious partnership to create.


HIES and Oak & Black partnership graphic


I am delighted to say that Bruce now has both his amazing brand AND products through our collaboration last year, creating the Happiness is Egg-Shaped collection on our website. All products can be personalised to be given as really thoughtful gifts (to someone else or to yourself!) and you know that they are not only high quality, but also sustainable and locally made in East Lothian. 


Click on the image below to check out Bruce's range of HIES products

Happiness is Egg-Shaped collection on Oak & Black's website

Some of the HIES products available at www.oakandblack.com

If you're involved in a club or school, get in touch and find out how we can help you Celebrate, Acknowledge & Inspire your people, and also raise money for your coffers!

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