The gift that keeps on giving

Do you know people who are just impossible to buy for? I know I do! They either often feel they have what they need or will buy something themselves if they want it. 

Giving gifts is such an amazing thing to do and the joy is oftentimes much greater in the giving than the receiving - when I was a wee boy I certainly loved receiving gifts, but for a long time now I have much preferred giving someone a gift, showing them I've really thought about them and what they'd need, want and will appreciate.

I actually don't like receiving too much 'stuff' though and always want to ensure that anything I have is useful and enhances my life... I suppose this makes me one of those people who can be impossible to buy for!!!

The solution is easy though, either give something truly unique and custom made for that person (we love helping people with this) or give them an amazing experience that they will never ever forget. 

One kind client, Louise, did just this for her husband and son to give them time together. Little did she know just how much confidence and skill they would gain from the experience as well as them creating their own family heirloom.

Father and son workshop experience sanding

Robert, had very low expectations of himself at the start and confessed that any DIY done at home was often followed by Louise calling in a Tradesman to tidy things up! By the end of Day 1 his opinion of his capabilities had taken an upturn, and by the end of Day 2 there was sheer pride in what he had achieved together with his son, Lewis.

"The right tools and the right teacher"

This is what he put it down to and, on reflection, it really is what it comes down to. In my former career as a teacher I always believed that given the right instruction to work safely and then the confidence to give things a go, with them knowing that you're never far away, people can always always always achieve more than they think they can. If we feel secure, confident and happy we are so much more likely to not only reach but smash through our perceived potential.

Build a Barrel workshop experience

Build a Barrel workshop experience

So if you're at a loss for what to give as a gift, give an experience of a lifetime where the recipients not only benefit for the time at the workshop, but afterwards in their confidence and of course leaving with a beautiful Barrel Bar!


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